Social Media Access, Working Remotely, Trump Salary for Young Workers

I am setting up the hybrid online course just in time…I agree with kids and have made flexibility and freedom of what I have always characterized as my intellectual space a high priority. Paid off for me, though not always in money.

There is an even bigger potential conflict brewing when it comes to remote access: while 69% of young employees said being present in the office was “unnecessary for my everyday job routines” — up from 60% last year — the majority of respondents also said their boss still “feels it is necessary for them to be physically present in the office to work efficiently because nothing replaces daily in-person interaction.”

Twenty-nine percent of all respondents said not being permitted to work remotely would influence them to decline a job offer or leave employment earlier than they otherwise might, and one quarter said being able to work from home would actually boost their productivity.

via MediaPost Publications Social Media Access Trumps Salary for Young Workers 11/04/2011.

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