Journalists Are People

This has been so obvious to me as someone who had worked for may years doing a variety of producing, research, and writing and only coming lately to journalism. I’d rather read a journalist who is upfront about a bias but is fair in reporting, than one who aspires to an unattainable objectivity but doesn’t cover a story with analysis and a sense of what’s fair and reasonable.

By pretending that their journalists don’t have opinions, when everyone knows that they do, mainstream media outlets are suggesting their viewers or readers are too stupid to figure out where the truth lies, or too thick to consider the facts of a story if the reporter happens to have retweeted someone or joined a Facebook page. Given that kind of treatment, many of those looking for news are likely to migrate to sources that admit they have views on events, rather than continue to be talked down to by newspapers and TV networks that pretend they are above that sort of thing.

via Twitter and journalism: It shouldn’t be that complicated — Tech News and Analysis.

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