Hollywood-Style Tricks on the Cheap – NYTimes.com

How David Pogue set up green screen for his daughter, for about $250. Folks, when you buy online, check out the reviews. David did, and saved money and got the green screening setup he needed to help his daughter with her school projects.

But there, nestled among all the high-priced kits, I saw something that I thought must be a misprint: a complete green screen setup — 9-by-10-foot green screen, a second 5-by-7-foot cloth, two 500-watt lights with 20-inch “softboxes” (diffusing screens for even light), two collapsible seven-foot light stands, software to teach you green screen techniques and perform the actual actor extraction — for $250.

via Hollywood-Style Tricks on the Cheap – NYTimes.com.

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