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Colbert ran a brillant campaign to show how undemocratic and out-of-control the USA’s campaign financing laws are. 

Colbert announced that $125,000 would go to the Hurricane Sandy relief efforts being run by Donors Choose, Team Rubicon, and Habitat for Humanity. An additional $125,000 will be sent to the Yellow Ribbon Fund, a charity for injured veterans the comedian has partnered with in the past. The remainder of the $773,704.83 under Colbert’s control would be split between the Center for Responsive Politics — the organization behind Op (via Colbert super-PAC to give to charities – The Hill’s Video)

There were conditions on Colbert’s donations, however. The Center for Responsive Politics was asked to rename their conference room the "Colbert Super PAC Memorial Conference Room.” And the Campaign Legal Center’s meeting space was named the “Ham Rove Memorial Conference Room” after “Ham Rove,” the fictionalized character based on George W. Bush adviser Karl Rove, who Colbert described as the “political director” of his super PAC.“

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