The mobile business is a complement to a quiet move the AP made into becoming a consumer-media destination. remains a corporate site with background information on the company. But it has created Web properties on several sub-domains dedicated to sports. There’s Pro32 for football, another two for college basketball and football, and one for auto racing. On these sites, the AP sells ads, mostly via third-party networks and exchanges.

The AP’s Budding Ad Business | Digiday

I am teaching an Intro to Journalism class and we go into the history of journalism. As I am teaching about that disruptive technology of yore, the telegraph, it is natural to bring up the rise of AP and how they needed to craft a new form of journalism that did not have a strong local P.O.V. It was an important change for journalism.

Not to be caught in the past, AP moves again with tech to build a market. Now it is its mobile app and going straight to readers. Very interesting. 

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