Among other things, baby-boomer marketers need to accept the fact that millennials have not inherited their parents’ love for the “touch” of paper. They do not naturally go gaga over double-page spreads of either editorial or advertising in magazines. They do not feel compelled to seek their fashion and beauty direction from the magazines that served as bibles for older generations. Nor do millennials feel the need to park themselves in front of a TV at the time appointed for their favorite show, or even to watch TV on a TV at all. Millennials spend a huge amount of their lives online: on smartphones (59 percent), on tablets (35 percent) and on their laptops (70 percent). As of 2011, 91 percent of millennials are regular internet users, according to Forrester Research.

Baby-Boomer marketers are misreading millennials’ media behavior | Crain’s Detroit Business

Ask any kid. They are connecting, buying, reading, but just not like people of the 60s did.

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