The Internet of Things means your appliances want to be your friends….

The idea of my fridge, my dryer and my dishwasher all conspiring to provide me updates several times a week in some attempt to keep in touch on behalf of Samsung, Bosch or Whirlpool makes me want to run screaming from the internet. But in some ways this might be the near-future of the internet of things at big companies, because the budget and ideas for connectivity are mostly driven by marketing budgets. In conversations with myriad companies that consumer-facing business hire to manage all the cloud-based, behind-the-scenes technical stuff that comes with offering connected devices, it’s become clear that marketing, not engineering or even R&D, is behind much of the rush to get connected. This is why we have drones delivering pizza. (via The internet of things may drive you nuts before it makes things better — Tech News and Analysis)

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