The worst, or best depending on where you stand, part about the new landscape is that you can’t be a one-trick pony or unmotivated anymore. You have to be working all day, every day, and for ‘exposure.’ Before you gag a bit, consider this a good thing. Journalists are like musicians in more ways than just their eradicated industry: if you want to make it, you have to play. You might make the top of the charts, or you might just really rock your local scene. It’s easy to sneer at hiring someone because they have super-active Twitter accounts, but it also makes sense. You can engage with news and other newsies all the time, so there’s no reason not to. Unless you’ve lost the drive, in which case, write for brands. (via There’s No Crying in Journalism: Why We Should Be Excited About the State of News – 10,000 Words)

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