FOIA Machine, a mechanism for automating and organizing the process of requesting public records. Introduced to the world via Kickstarter, the FOIA Machine promises to fulfill three main functions for journalists. It’s clear the heartbeat behind this operation is comparable to MuckRock, for example, but FOIA Machine likely wants to perfect that model. Help reporters with the logistics of filing an FOIA request and automates submission Keeps all your requests straight by tracking which days you submitted what and can send email reminders regarding your next steps with the request Create a wide knowledge base about FOIA requests in general and best practices for journalists. FOIA Machine will aggregate educational content and create a community where journalists can share about their experiences, compare laws across states and share tips on producing better FOIA requests (because FOIA can be rendered differently according to each state or municipality, it can often be confusing how to navigate individual entities… the FOIA Machine hopes to streamline that learning process). (via FOIA Machine Helps Journalists File Information Requests – 10,000 Words)

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