Matt Waite on Structured Data

  1. Look for the Nouns- make nouns into database fields
  2.  PolitiFact is an ongoing experiment in storytelling, entrepreneurship within a news organization and journalism. PolitiFact scores things politicians say on a six-point scale of truth, from True to Half True to Pants on Fire! wrong.
  3. What Do You Mean, Structure? Date and time, a location, a crime type, a victim, maybe a suspect, and a narrative of what happened which includes all those data points.  Data can create a meta-story out of the collection of individual stories, all derived from structure.
  4. Automatic or Manual? can be pulled in with robots, or hand assembled (artisinal)
  5. Simplicity –data should model real life. If there’s only one of each team, make a team table and relate that to games, which relate to seasons (among other things)Simple urls, clean data to query, logical patterns to everything—it all comes from that structure that we started with.

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