Chicagotalks used Meograph last month to cover the Chicago Marathon. The site reported: The reporters found they could take what they had reported during the marathon, at different times of day, and all around the race course and Chicago, and include their stories as “moments” on a timeline that displays the date and time of each moment and a view of the location. The race reporting is exciting because it gives you a sense of the race over time and space. The reporters included interviews, videos, photos, and lots of links to material like a map of the race course. One reporter got the story of the missing medals first hand. Another reported from her home, which is on the race course, presenting the race from a resident’s point of view. The reporting moments are vignettes, but reported using this unique tool, the user gets a customizable view of a big day for Chicago. (via Meograph: The Future of Storytelling is 4D (with Context) | Idea Lab | PBS)

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