More idiocy from patent trolls. This sucks money into litigation and away from innovation. Such a waste/

The Rockstar Consortium may be the ultimate example of patent “privateering"—when big companies hand off their patents to small shell companies to do the dirty work of suing their competitors. Essentially, it’s patent trolling gone corporate. The "privateering” phenomenon has long irked Google. In February, when Google filed a patent lawsuit against British Telecom, it said one of the reasons for the suit was that BT had not only sued Google directly, but it had also gone around “arming patent trolls.” Part of Rockstar’s strategy is avoiding a patent countersuit by not having any operating businesses. Essentially, the company wants to enjoy the same advantage patent trolls have, even though it’s owned by direct Google competitors like Apple and Microsoft. (via Patent war goes nuclear: Microsoft, Apple-owned “Rockstar” sues Google | Ars Technica)

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