Greenwald’s comments on Friday echoed his previous critiques of the media. Earlier this year, for example, Greenwald said his interview with David Gregory – in which the NBC “Meet the Press” host suggested that Greenwald “aided and abetted” Snowden – was the perfect example of journalists being “mouthpieces” for the government. Greenwald also accused MSNBC of trying “to distract attention away from these disclosures” because of bias toward Obama, and has taken on other media outlets over their coverage of Snowden and the leaks. (via Glenn Greenwald: U.S., British Media Are ‘Devoted Servants’ To Government)

What do you think of his critique?

I don’t know if I agree with specifics, however, I had students looking at the NSA leaks, and Manning’s leaks, when the MSM was either ignoring them or seeming to parrot the official lines that leakers are terrorists. As more people saw or read what was being leaked, and especially after the Guardian and Al-Jazeera coverage, the focus of the story shifted. That seems to give some weight to Greenwald’s arguments.

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