Here is an interesting way to use animation, maps, and visualizations. I wonder if people will learn from this, or if they need to make their own version of this kind of map to really “get” what’s going on.

Start Browsing Chapters in the Atlas [back to chapters] The Natural Environment Cartography, 1492-1867 Indians, 1567-1930 Explorations in the West and Southwest, 1535-1852 Lands, 1603-1930 Settlement, Population, and Towns, 1650-1790 States, Territories, and Cities, 1790-1930 Population, 1790-1930 Colleges, Universities, and Churches, 1775-1890 Boundaries, 1607-1927 Political Parties and Opinions, 1788-1930 Political, Social, and Educational Reforms, 1775-1931 Industries and Transportation, 1620-1931 Foreign Commerce, 1701-1929 Distribution of Wealth, 1799-1928 Plans of Cities, 1775-1803 Military History, 1689-1919 Possessions and Territorial Claims of the United States (via Atlas of the Historical Geography of the United States)

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