Who is this guy? Pew finds low recognition for Brian Williams, anchor on #1 news show. Only 27% of people watch nightly news on a regular basis now. It is still a big number of people, but if you are in your 20s or 30s, I wouldn’t look to “Broadcast News” as the best move for your future career. Think out of the box. Vice video, News Now, Upworthy, and maybe your own channel.

Television remains the public’s top daily news source, but the audience for network TV news has steadily declined over the years as people have migrated to other places for news; namely cable TV and digital sources. In Pew Research Center news consumption surveys, the share of Americans who say they regularly watch a nightly network news program has declined from 60% in 1993 (the earliest available measure) to just 27% in 2012. Young people are among the least likely to regularly watch network news: 11% of those 18-29 in 2012, compared with 46% of this age group in 1993. About half (49%) of 18-29 year olds say they never watch. (via Who is this man? Many Americans don’t recognize top news anchor | Pew Research Center)

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