First, and most important, we’re looking for freelance features and articles that involve original research, analysis, or reporting – specifically those that involve statistical analysis, data mining, programming, data visualization, or other data-journalism methods. FiveThirtyEight is not the right outlet for “smart takes,” opinion pieces, or long-form essays that don’t involve some data component. We would potentially have interest in features that involve shoe-leather reporting (i.e., interviewing, first-person observation) if they are numerate as well as literate, and help our readers put data and statistics into context. Second, we’re looking for freelancers to cover relatively specific subjects – e.g. hockey, weather, the economics of food – as opposed to generalists. A list of subjects that we know we’d be interested in is included below. (via FiveThirtyEight: Politics Done Right: FiveThirtyEight Seeks Data-Driven Freelance Writers)

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