The FT, which became the first publisher to adopt a metered paywall in 2007 and launch HTML5-based newspaper experiences, has embraced a “universal publishing” strategy, according to Donovan. This involves experimenting with how content can live on all platforms that it makes business sense to be on.. He added that the publisher now makes more money from its content subscriptions than it does from advertising with the former now accounting for 64 per cent of all revenue. “We make more money from our content than from advertising which is a really interesting shift – we are pushing boundaries in terms of how we are getting our content into these different services and platforms.” Meanwhile, he also warned publishers not to forget the importance of meta data. “Everyone forgets about meta data. They think they can just make stuff and then forget about how it is organised in terms of how you describe your content. But all your assets are useless to you unless you have meta data – your archive is full of stuff that is of no value because you can’t find it and don’t know what it’s about,” he said. (via ‘Mobile-first’ has become a meaningless term, says FT’s CTO John O’Donovan while unveiling ‘universal publishing’ strategy | The Drum)

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