What is a Mobile Editor? Good Answer.

“For most, the job will likely involve curating news and multimedia presentation on a mobile app or website, providing human editorial judgment. At the other end, it might be about overseeing content algorithms and automated publishing to phones and tablets. It could be both roles, too. The job often involves making sure graphics and images are mobile-friendly. It could be about working with developers, designers and product folks on setting a direction and helping create new news experiences.

It might involve troubleshooting tech problems or testing new mobile advances. Maybe you’ll work with mobile and tablet news aggregator partners, too. It could be deeply technical work down to coding or perhaps not that at all, instead more focused on daily news tasks like sending out breaking news push alerts.”

Six things a mobile editor must be:
1. A mobile editor needs to be a mobile user.
2. Know you are a journalist and “ value clarity and accuracy and immediacy and relevance and speed.”
3. Be a mobile tech
4. Understand layers, devices, and how they manifest in a mobile world.
5. Fight for the users
6. Talk the talk and walk the walk – explain why click here is so bad on a swipe device…

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