Mobile Citizen, a low-cost wireless Internet provider for nonprofits, is looking for a few NTEN members to participate in their Enabling Programs & Results case study campaign. Nonprofits selected to participate in the campaign will receive one free wireless Internet account and modem for one year. Over the course of the year, Mobile Citizen will work with the nonprofit to document experiences and results, seeing how wireless Internet helped the organization improve efficiency, productivity, communications or their ability to provide community outreach. Case studies will be promoted on Mobile Citizen and NTEN’s website as well as included in a webinar later in the year. To learn more about how nonprofits across the country are already leveraging wireless Internet attend our Leaders Leveraging Wireless: 10 Ways to Lead by Leaving Your Desk webinar on April 22nd. (via Receive Free Wireless Internet for a Year: Mobile Citizen’s Enabling Programs and Results Campaign Looking for Your Help | Mobile Citizen)

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