Despite all the hype, native advertising remains a fuzzy concept for most marketers.
According to our 2014 status report:
–49 percent of respondents don’t know what native advertising is
–24 percent are hardly familiar with it
–Another 24 percent are somewhat familiar
–Only 3 percent are very knowledgeable

So, given the lack of awareness (and people mistaking it for other things, like sponsorship), we thought it would be a good idea to walk you through about a dozen examples of native advertising — and why they work. (via 12 Examples of Native Ads (And Why They Work))

Examples include these kinds of ads: print “advertorials,” online advertorials, online video advertorials, advertorial what not to do, sponsored content, single-sponsor issues, branded content, product placement, in-feed facts, sponsored posts like on Facebook, promoted tweets, google text ads (marked as ads),

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