From the Guardian, comes this look at whether MSM’s “impartiality” is useful for today’s audiences. Kellie Riordan, the author of the piece says that newer sites, “…promote a “show your work” ethos as a way of building audience trust. This differs slightly from the methods of the ABC and the BBC, who generally garner trust through an impartial and independent approach which examines the facts and draws conclusions based on the weight of evidence. (via Does journalism still require impartiality? | Kellie Riordan | Comment is free |

The problem with transparency is that is assumes your audience has a level of media and news literacy and knows how check some facts or the journalists methods for itself.

The article suggests that Quartz and Vice and Vox are creating hybrid forms of doing journalism. I think that’s so, and I suspect it is a good thing, too.

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