Titled Barbie: I Can Be a Computer Engineer, screenwriter and comedy writer Pamela Ribon recounted this week a recent experience/encounter with the book while visiting a friend’s house. Originally available through Amazon and very recently taken down by Mattel after mass publicity of its contents, the book explores the story of Barbie as she works her way through the pains of designing a game that involves cute, robot puppies. The entire story can be recapped on Ribon’s original blog post, but a short recap of events in the story include: Barbie depending on her guys friends to do all the programming for her game; Barbie infecting her sister’s computer with a virus; Barbie taking credit for the entire game and presenting it to her CS class; and Barbie getting into a pillow fight (yes, this actually happens). (via Internet Comes to the Rescue: Feminist Hacker Barbie)

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