The Black McDonald’s Operators Association of Chicagoland and NW Indiana are proud to announce the start of “MY CITY’S FLY,” the new movement for youth to promote non-violence and peace here in the city and beyond. Your local McDonald’s owners of Chicagoland have always been committed to being an organization that promotes love and peace in the communities they serve. However, we know its hard to feel the love when there is so much negatively in the world. Chicago and Northwest Indiana are no strangers to the plague of violence that has crippled our community for too long. As local business owners the BMOA are committed to bringing peace back to our streets and to prove to the world that our youth are full of boundless potential and creativity. Our city is much more diverse than what you may see on television or what you hear about in popular music. We are NOT Chiraq! MY CITY’S FLY encourages young people all over Chicagoland to stand-up and be proud of where you are from. One of the best ways to represent your hometown pride is to wear it on your chest. So go ahead and show us your fly!

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