“At some point, Americans decided that the best answer to every social ill lay in the power of the criminal-justice system. Vexing social problems—homelessness, drug use, the inability to support one’s children, mental illness—are presently solved by sending in men and women who specialize in inspiring fear and ensuring compliance.”

(via Walter Scott, Michael Thomas Slager, and the Myth of Police Reform — The Atlantic)

His argument rings true. Lately this has been on mind in regard to troubles that “free range” children and parents have had with nosy neighbors who don’t interact with individuals, but just call the police. 

We have friend who is a policeman, and we were talking about incidents when coyotes are spotted in the City. As a policeman, he can talk to the coyote or shoot it with his gun. Similar issue with people who observe things that are breeches of social convention, and act like they are moral issues and require the police.

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