“What people read online, when you look at the data, is shorter stuff that’s focused, creative and social with a really good headline. It doesn’t mean it’s unsubstantial. It just means it’s really clear about what’s interesting and focuses on that. A lot of the 800-word stories have been padded out with the B matter. It’s called B matter because it’s B grade, not A matter, which is the focal point of the story.”

(via Quartz’s Kevin Delaney: Time to kill the 800-word article)

Escape the tyranny of the 800 word article. People want to read shorter stories, but also longer pieces. You need to understand the why and when of that for your stories. Reading on Mobile, shorter is often the first thing people want. They’ll come back to your well-written longer stories when they aren’t on public transportation or checking mobile while waiting in line, or having a coffee.

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