Ars delivers quite a shot over the bow of the New York Times by comparing the NYT VR effort involving Google Cardboard to cuecat. You might as well say “Edsel” or “lemon,” as cuecat, though I still think it was ahead of its time…

On the weekend of November 8, over one million Times subscribers will get a Cardboard-branded makeshift virtual reality kit tucked into the weekend newspapers that land on their doorstep—which they’ll be able to use, along with a compatible smartphone, to watch a short VR film co-produced by The New York Times Magazine. 

 But it’s also a story from the turn of the millennium, back when “VR” meant Lawnmower Man and clunky head-mounted displays. Back then, instead of Google Cardboard, the tech being given away was an animal-shaped gizmo that time nearly forgot: the CueCat.

(via Are a million free Google Cardboard sets doomed to repeat CueCat’s history? | Ars Technica)

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