A Good Week for Computer Gaffes

From MIllenials to Snake People to Alexa’s creepy unsolicited laughter, this has been a good week for taking a look at how computers are just machines and it is our attention as people that makes them good tools or sloppy tools.

Shared this with my familty group this week:

Still loving the NYTimes editor’s use of my favorite extension, MIllenials to Snake People:

We asked Eric Bailey, the creator of “Snake People to Snake People,” if he had anything to say about his work making it into the Grey Lady. “Computers were a mistake,” he replied.

from https://gizmodo.com/new-york-times-issues-correction-after-editor-fails-to-1823587138

And then this story about the wicked Alexa and Echo speakers. 
Now here, where a guy made the API for Alexa speak thru his Billy Bass wall mounted animatronic fish, one can appreciate technology as a true time suck for a good laugh


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