Time marches on

Life is pretty wonderful. Reflecting on this, as October, the birthday month for me and mine is upon us, when one reaches “a certain age” is like sitting down, relaxing, and sipping a draft with a mellow, aged vintage. Birthdays come and go. I don’t long for them to happen anymore, and just try to enjoy the time. The Covid-19 pandemic of 2020 which is still exerting it’s effects, gave everyone time to be alone, time to be scared, and time to be thankful for some time to step out of the crush of work to reflect and plan. With our family near us, we’ve been lucky. We are all science and fact-based folks, vaccinated and boosterized. Have been lucky or careful? In something like a pandemic, it isn’t so easy to tell.

It is time to collect my online work into a single place so I can edit it and enjoy it. With this entry, that’s is what is happening. So, here it goes…

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