What Adrian[Holovaty] noticed: Data (such as crime reports) was being manipulated and massaged into articles to inform humans in natural language about what was happening. But once inside an article, the raw data was lost. It would be part of a bigger “blob,” as I’ve heard him describe it. He went straight to the raw data feeds and used it to create a crime map. One of the first. I like to think that Circa is also playing with Adrian’s thesis. Can we take content, still make it read as a “story,” but allow the content to be “repurposed” because it can be read and manipulated at a data level.

MediaShift Idea Lab . So How Is Circa Different from Writing Articles? | PBS

Disintermediating the news 2012.

Circa (cir.ca) is a new iOS only app (waiting for an Android version ardently) that takes the “atomic units” of stories e.g. facts, quotes, images, and collects them for mobile updates. When you are browsing news on a mobile, it seems useful to have just the facts, ma’am, without the commentary or the “article” that we are used to.

Dave Cohn, Ben Huh, Michelle Lai, Ben Ilfeld, are some of the folks involved in this. 

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