Ideas from Nate Silver and stats for journalists

Nate Silver- 11 tips for journalists

  1. Statistics are not just numbers. . 
  2. Data requires context. 
  3. Correlation is not causation. 
  4. The average is still the most useful statistical tool…try to tell the truth by communicating the uncertainty. 
  5. Human intuition is often misleading. Nate recommended that all journalists read Daniel Kahneman’s Thinking Fast and Slow.
  6. A probability forecast expresses uncertainty instead of trying to conceal it. 
  7. Know thy priors…consider the Bayesian paradigm as the model for learning from data. 
  8. The word complex isn’t always a complement. 
  9. “Insiderism” is the enemy of scientific objectivity. 
  10.  Making predictions improves accountability. 
  11. Like scientists, journalists ought to be more concerned with the truth rather than just appearances. 

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