How slow is slow? On the 3G network I’ve been using in London, average download speeds hovered at 3Mbps. That’s still better than 3G download speeds in the US, which average under 2Mbps, according to OpenSignal, a network analytics firm. I’m spoiled (my previous connection ran at speeds of up to 14Mbps), so I wouldn’t call that broadband. Neither would the United States, which in 2010 updated its definition of broadband to a connection with a minimum download speed of 4Mbps (pdf, p.18). Other parts of the world are more forgiving. The Indian telecoms regulator only last October upgraded its own definition of broadband—to 512 Kbps, or half of 1 Mbps. (via I spent a week using only mobile internet, and so should you – Quartz)

No matter what your interests or business, this is a critical issue if we want to live in an open society where there is an equality of access to technology and thus to power, government, economic gain, and just good old entertainment.

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