So what do you think is the ideal situation for how to digest stuff online? That’s a really good question. That’s something we’re struggling with right now. People are coming to news and entertainment content by lazy phone clicking. So we’re bored, we’re looking at our phones. We’re lonely, we’re looking at our phones. And so whatever weird portal you’re going through, then you’re clicking through to things from there. So news consumption is actually really passive, unless there’s some sort of virus going online, because it’s just whatever appeals to you in the fishbowl. (via The State of the Internet Is… Not Good? – AtlanticLIVE – The Atlantic)

Choire Sicha, now with The Awl, but one the writers who got the WWW from the beginning, talks about the state of the internet, but especially how we get our news today – he characterizes our methodology as “passive.”

What do we do to talk to our friends who are not face to face with us in this time of mobile fixation?

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