I have been on a Buttry kick this week, sharing some of his insights on how to write a lead with my Online Publishing class. With the semester ending, I’ve been too busy to write about the latest Pew research on Mobile, but it struck me that now we are past the “everything changes” moment. We are at the now it is obvious to most everyone that everything has changed.” 

We are getting news from our mobiles, and that’s where the money will go, and we are reading lots of news, but spending less time with individual news stories. Interesting. Here are some of the facts and figures:

“…growth in mobile advertising, from $416 million (with an m) in 2009 to $19 billion (with a b) in 2014. In five years, that’s an increase of 4,500 percent, and mobile advertising has surpassed print newspaper advertising, which is just under $17 billion.”

(via What’s the next mobile (huge opportunity news media can’t afford to squander)? | The Buttry Diary)

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