Status Update for Barbara K Iverson

In 2015, Columbia College Chicago  was undergoing lots of changes, most especially related to declining student enrollments and lots of changes at the Administrator level. I jumped at the chance to take a buyout for a couple reasons, such as, I was getting to a certain age and also because I knew if they started letting faculty go, some of my younger, very talented colleagues would be given notice before I would.

Thus, the blog Iverson’s Current Buzz has been kind of sitting untouched except for a few changes here and there. My work with in the not-for-profit sector is rewarding and I have more time to work on Voqal projects now. In Chicago, there are grandkids to be concerned about.

I am a snowbird now, meaning I spend weeks at a stretch in Florida during the winter months, so the context for my thoughts changes as I spend time in the South, rather than in Chicago. I am doing some painting and marshalling my writing resources to finish my book about technology and disruptions in the business and practice of journalism.

That’s all for now, but at least that should clarify why there is a continuity break in the areas I’ll post about. And, heck, who is even blogging anymore these days?

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